From Tanja Simonic Korosak: Sketching exercises in style

Sketching exercises in style: Tools.

Antiktusche is popular!



5 thoughts on “From Tanja Simonic Korosak: Sketching exercises in style

  1. Definitelly like this range of inks, have several and love their subdued colours.There is also a lovely ink line for fountain pens and these are great on the go. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love brush pens too, particularly from Kuretake. Just days ago a friend from Japan has also brought me a brush pen with real goat hair large brush (not sinthetic) and it is gorgeous (with the same principle of ink reservoir in the handle). She also brought me a lovely colourful line of coloured brush pens, which work as watercolours and can be mixed on the go too, also from Kuretake, Zig
    As far as home made inks go, I wouldn’t put them in fountainpen for they can corrode and ruin the feeding system.
    I see you use Platinum inks for fountain pens. I only use the Carbon ink from Platinum, in my Pilot Falcon FP, which is probably the best waterproof black fountain pen ink in the world which is waterproof and suitable for fountain pens too. After sketching in this ink I can make washes or watercolour it over and it stays as it is. There are many sketches in my blogs sketched in this way. Great for sketching outdoors.

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