The Antiworld Review

International Journal on Physics, Philosophy and Art (Mirror)

Обозрение Антимира סקירת העולם האנתי El Antiworld Comentario
Die AntiWelt Schreiben El Antimundo Revisión La Critique AntiMondial

Editor’s Column.

The AntiWorld should be regarded mostly as the Antique World, than the Opposite World. Similarly to the Antique World we expect the laws of the AntiWorld similar to ours, but hidden from our eyes. The Antique World is hidden from us by thousand of years. The AntiWorld is hidden from us by the energy barrier, rarely passed by anti-particles.

The modern science assumes that somewhere exists the charge-conjugated copy of our World, filled by Anti-Stars, Anti-Planets and populated by Anti-Men and Anti-Women. In my opinion the symmetry between matter and antimatter goes beyond the known charge conjugation. It is possible that there are more charges changing sign between matter and antimatter. The philosophical aspect of this review journal is to propose worlds with most of things same as we live them every day, but some other things being opposite to our experience.

The Antiworld Review №1, 2015

  1. The Spontaneous breaking of the Continuous Particle Exchange Symmetry
  2. The Supersymmetric QED with the scalar supercharge
  3. The Linear Zeeman effect in the molecular positronium Ps2 (dipositronium)
  4. The positron-positron Moller scattering: call for the experiment
  5. The review of the Lorentz & Supersymmetry violations (the reference list)
  6. Spontaneous symmetry lowering of the SO(N,3N) metric field interacting with the massles spinor
  7. The true time scale of the universe.

The Antiworld Review №2, 2016

  1. Nonexistence of the periodic table for antimatter
  2. The review of the antiworld research topics (reference list)
  3. Exchange of quantum fields by method of group embedding
  4. The review of the positron sources (reference list)
  5. Twelve postulates for a supersymmetric world

The Antiworld Review №3, 2017

  1. Branching rules for superalgebras with $so(N,3N)$ even part and scalar odd part
  2. Hypothesis of Bosonic Antimatter (preprint)



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