The review of the antiworld research topics

The research with the low energy positron beams is very popular, there are conferences, books and focused journal issues on positrons in “chemistry”. All the rest of the positron research is very expensive and published exclusively by PRL, Nature, Nature Letters. The table below mostly follows the directory structure of my local copies of the cited papers.

  1. The symmetry between the world and the antiworld
  2. The standard model, SO(10) grandunification with antineutrino, and the supersymmetry (textbook matter)
  3. The dark matter and decay of the Weakly-Interacting-Massive-Particles
  4. The positron / electron asymmetry in the cosmic rays (ASM etc)
  5. The antiproton / proton and antihelium / helium asymmetry in the cosmic rays
  6. The origin and sky maps of 511 keV gamma rays (INTEGRAL etc)
  7. The neutron-antineutron oscillations and conservation of barions
  8. The antimatter synthesis (antihydrogen,antideuteron, antihelium^-, proton-antiproton molecules)
  9. The multi-positrons antiatoms, antihelium, and molecular antihydrogen (never observed)
  10. Antiproton-antiproton scattering and correlations
  11. The positron sources, thermalization (cooling) and storage
  12. The positron beams and interaction with the matter
  13. Positron synthesis by petawatt (exawatt) lasers; they produce high density positron beams (compare to beta-decay); most promising to study positron collisions.
  14. The compressibility of the positron and electron-positron plasma
  15. The positive beta and double beta decay (75 years)
  16. The positron annihilation radiation in medicine (PECT)
  17. The low energy positron diffraction (Bhabha scattering)
  18. Large Electron–Positron Collider, Large Hadron Collider
  19. The positron-positron Moller scattering (never measured)
  20. The positronium synthesis, storage and spectroscopy
  21. The dipositronium synthesis, storage and spectroscopy
  22. The theory and symmetry of multi positron-electron molecules
  23. The theory and symmetry of multi positron-antiproton molecules
  24. The antimatter fusion, antimatter propulsion, and antimatter rockets, dense antihydrogen.
  25. Books, Conferences and Manuscript bundles

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