The review of the positron sources (reference list)

There few types of positron sources with orders of magnitude difference in luminosity and extraction currents. Production and extraction of n positrons per second produces qn current in Amps. NLC designed for 60 ps pulses, 75 bunches per pulse, 3e10 positrons per bunch, 3e22 positrons per second. These beams are focused to 1e-8 cm^2 to get luminosity of both beams 1e30/cm^2/s; more advanced colliders are 1e34/cm^2/s; future collider should be at 1e35 /cm^2/s.

  1. Shoot accelerated electrons into solid state targets
  2. Shoot high energy laser beam into solid state or plasma targets
  3. Shoot deuterons into graphite (any carbon) targets
  4. Most conventional are 22Na beta radioactive sources
  5. Plasma discharge (seen in thunderstorms)
  6. Production of Intense Low-Energy Positron Beams with Synchrotron Radiation